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*Rated by Our Customers, "Some of The Best Quality Products On The Market."

ECO FRIENDLY BOTTLES!  Our bottles are BPA Free and is FDA Compliant.  These bottles can be recycled or reused!!!



All of our products are made with 100% pure Essential Oils.

Locs Friendly.  GREAT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES, PATTERNS, AND CURL SIZES.  Fine Hair (Virgin or not) need protein often unless you are protein sensitive.  Opt to use at least one "protein product" from our menu.

Is it really Genetics?  Not when you have these helpful products around to help jump start your hair growth. These Products are hand made Fresh daily in small batches.  Product is 29.8 oz.  If your sebum (natural oil production) is high this is definitely for you.  It will rid your hair of pesky sebum & buildup that sits in the hair strands after you have washed your scalp only to realize you have a white film along your hair strands.  Listen up Vegans and Friends who for some reason prefer an alternative to shampoo bars.  Well look no further.  This earthly wash is just that earthly.  This wonderfully smelling wash will leave your hair clean and clumped with lovely curls or waves.  It goes on so smooth you will not believe how well it cleans the hair.  Well we can honestly say we are giving back to mother earth that which belongs to her . . . clay. This is great for the whole family Vegan or not.  Shampoo bar washers can use it too between washes  for that extra clean or maybe you want to switch hairstyles and it's not wash day yet.  Quickly hop in shower apply and there you go...fresh clean hair that's ready for a new start.  A quick conditioning will give you lovable clumped curls that are ready for styling.  So what are you waiting for you can't go wrong with this in your regimen especially during hot days when you want that earthly clean without the suds.  This is a great part of every woman's road to a healthy hair journey.  Allow your scalp to feel the clean.  Great for Children & Men.  View the instructions page to get the full benefit of this wonderful clay wash.


  • Earth Friendly
  • No Parabens
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Artificial Perfume
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • pH Balanced
  • No Glycerin
  • No Alcohol
  • No Cones
  • No Mineral Oil



Made In America

Packaging May Vary



 **Note - This is a wash and not a conditioner.  It should not be traded instead of a conditioner and meant for your washing process.**












Ingredients: Water, Clay, Vegetable oil, Vinegar, Essential Oil Blend.

Product Reviews

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Amazing Clay Wash
Written by Carlotta Davis on May 13th 2020

This clay wash did wonders for my 4b/4c hair...I really love the scent too it's not overbearing and maybe its just me but no stinky vinegar smell...sort of smells like apple candy or tutti fruity...How is this possible?

This stuff actually works
Written by Micah on Mar 26th 2020

I recently found the benefits of clay washes and wanted to try this out as opposed to the regular expensive jars of aztec healing clay and my first use was a little off because I didn’t follow the directions lol but after I applied the product AT ROOM TEMPERATURE I got great results, the only reason for not 5 stars is because the clay can get a little hard to wash completely out but it was nothing when I lightly washed with the shampoo bar. But I noticed I only had to wash it once to get the buildup out from my low porous hair which was amazing (Hence the name lol) my shampoo bar usually takes 3 washes but this clay wash did it all in one. I’d recommend

Great Product
Written by S. Miche on Dec 20th 2019

The clay wash exceeded my expectation. It is truly a great product, cleansing w/out stripping and nourishes the hair. Try it!

Clay wash is the best!!!
Written by Lisa may on Sep 14th 2019

The best my hair has ever felt! I actually prefer the clay over the shampoo bar. I get a lot of slip from this product and when I rinse it out, my scalp is clean and my hair feels extremely soft that I contemplate whether I should follow-up with a conditioner. Thanks so much for making this product!!!

Clay Wash- is the bomb
Written by Vida on Jul 14th 2019

Sis, this clay wash is Ah-mazing! Incredible slip, was able to detangle my hair with no issues. Left my hair, soft and moisturized. Will be using as my in between regular wash regimen. Keep up the good work. Here's to healthy, happy and long growing hair.

Clay Wash
Written by Amira on Apr 19th 2019

I used it last night after the gym. The bottle is pretty big but it's not filled to the top which makes you feel like you don't have enough. The smell was okay. It left my hair cleaned but not stripped. I also saw definition. I think this is replace a co-wash but I wish it had slip. I couldn't detangle with it. My purpose for this product would be to use it on gym days and replace my mid week co-wash but since it doesn't have slip IDK if this should be the movement.