Do you suffer from thinning hair or strands of hair that are falling out? If so, the 22nd Century Hair Stew is the answer to your problems. This amazing hair stew will strengthen your hair while promoting new hair growth. Customers tout this hair stew as helping with hair growth and scalp issues while leaving hair tangle free and silky smooth.  This Hair Root Growth and Thickening stew is mixed to perfection to help with thinning strands and hair fall. This mixture of herbs have been known throughout time to strengthen and grow the hair.   Comes in large and small container, and weighs 29oz. Be sure to check out product instruction page; Click Here 

  • No PPVs
  • Vegan Friendly
Water, Olive Oil, Cassia Obovata Herbal Blend, Bayleaf, Thyme, Vinegar
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Deep Conditioner, Hair Stew and Shampoo bar

Jean Oliver on Dec 7th 2018

I have been using these products for a little over a year and a half now and I am extremely happy with the results. Matter of fact, these are the only products I now use on my hair. My hair has grown over 12 inches since using these products and is still growing. Thank you 22nd Century Woman for making this all possible.

Hair Stew

Sandra Louise Taylor on Dec 3rd 2018

This makes my scalp feel alive. It tingles constantly aftewards

Strengthens & thickens the hair

Bee on Nov 15th 2018

This stew makes my hair so soft and feels so moisturized after. I also noticed that my hair has thicken quite a bit. Seriously, you have to try it for yourself


Garry Floyd on Nov 11th 2018

I could feel this working immediately! I'm very excited to enhance my wash day with Century Hair Stew! Keep you posted on developments.

The stew of the gods, honey! Yaasss...the goddesses gave you the secret elixir. This smells divine. My hair was so curly. I mean it was just so springy. I was in awe. Thank you. No tangles or anything hard to pick through. Thank you.

Nikki on Oct 8th 2018


Soothing to my scalp

Trish on Oct 5th 2018

This has helped to heal my scalp and stop hair falling. It also strengthen the hair shaft. So cooling to the scalp a real treat.

Very good

Patricia Perkins on Oct 1st 2018

It made my hair soft.

Nourishing Stew

Michelle Atkins on Sep 27th 2018

Grateful knowing that my hair is truly being fed nourishing and nurturing ingredients.