22nd Century Hair Stew

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 Great for All Hair Textures and & Curl sizes. 

*Proved & Tested to Significantly slow "hair fall".

Product comes in 16.5 oz, and 29.8 oz.  Made with 100% Organic Ingredients.  Do you suffer from thinning hair or strands of hair that are falling out? If so, the 22nd Century Hair Stew can be the answer to your problems. This amazing hair stew will strengthen your hair while promoting new hair growth. This Amazing moisturizing Stew helps with hair growth and scalp issues, while leaving hair tangle free and silky smooth.  This Hair Root Growth and Thickening stew is mixed to perfection to help with thinning strands and hair fall. This mixture of herbs have been known throughout time to strengthen and grow the hair.   This Stew is brown in color due to concentration of herbs.  It has the consistency of a conditioner and not a paste.   Apply to scalp only or apply to hair and scalp.  For Maximum Results, leave on hair for 1 or more hours, over night, or until it dries on scalp.  It can be used alone or included in your wash day routine.  Not recommended for blond or light red color treated hair, or grey silvery high porous hair, (Can leave a light tint on light colored hair).  If you have high porous grey hair and would still like to use this stew please check out our "PreMixed Henna kits" to add natural color shades of brown or black to your hair..   If your grey hair is low porous the tint can be faint or non existent.  Be sure to check out the product instruction page; Click Here There is "no protein" added to this Stew, yet is naturally strengthening for your hair strands.  No Moisturizing conditioner is usually needed after usage.  If your strands happen to feel dry, do apply a moisturizing "Protein Free" conditioner to your hair.  This Hair Stew can be used at any time, frequent or not.


  • pH Balanced
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • No Parabens
  • No Artificial Perfume
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Protein, but is strengthening due to natural herbs.









Ingredients:  Water, Olive Oil, Cassia Obovata Herbal Blend, Bayleaf, Thyme, Vinegar.
*This is based on correct usage of product, amount of time used, and health condition of Individual.