22nd Century Herbal Hair Oil can be used as a hot oil treatment to help with thinning hair. This herb infused hair oil is perfect to relieve your scalp of dandruff and irritation associated with dry scalp in between wash days. Our secret herb blend will help relieve your scalp of itch and helps improve scalp circulation, after washing with the 22nd Century Shampoo Bar. It will keep your scalp feeling moisturized until your next wash day. This hair oil will just absorb into your scalp without leaving your scalp feeling greasy or oily. Have no more worries, as your scalp will feel better longer in between wash days.

Oils included - Olive, Karanja, Maracula Passion Flower, Sunflower Seed, Jojoba, Tamanu, Neem, Babassu, and Vitamin E

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22nd Century Natural Products Herbal Hair Oil

E. Brooks on Mar 12th 2019

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS, I love this OIL. I have been using for awhile now and it has really grown my hair. Balding in the top is really growing back. Edges where I have never had hair before OH MY GOODNESS, it is completely grown in. I think we call it baby hair, well I have some too, now, lol. It makes my hair shiny and pretty. I LOVE the way it smells. I am a customer for life. Well, all the PRODUCTS I use from 22nd Century ARE just "AWESOME". TO MY LADY AT 22ND CENTURY THANK YOU AGAIN, AND AGAIN. Also, thank you for teaching us how to take care of our hair. I'm LOVING IT AND MY HAIR THANKS YOU!

Ruby Gel

Sherry Mitchell on Mar 8th 2019

Smells like candy and not flaky strong hold

Herbal Hair Oil

Sherry Mitchell on Mar 8th 2019

Love this you don’t need a lot works great on all types of hair. All natural

Herbal Hair Oil

Sherry Mitchell on Mar 8th 2019

Nice blend of oils not too thick or thin

Hair oil

Laura hall on Mar 1st 2019

It's not greasy scent pleasant

herbal hair oil

Collette RODGERS-BRAZILL on Feb 13th 2019

i have fine curly hair , I wear it natural a lot which has caused dryness and shedding,, also frizziness , and just unmanageable, this oil is great ,it does not weight my hair down at all , which has always been a problem with me and oils. the curl and waviness has returned, it adds shine , my hair looks so much better, I can even wear it down without my hair becoming to dry. my hair does tangle and knot, and shed, however I dont think as much, not sure yet. my hope is that she will create a good detangler and a conditioner for fine hair , I believe that will solve my problem , and I have not used as a hot oil treatment, I will try that today and will update. forgot to mention I have used the other products , the conditioner i think is to much for my hair at this time I think it is too heavy and the stew I believe adds to the dryness , but does help with shedding , so still exploring

hair oil review

Kim Murray on Jan 8th 2019

I love the smell of the product and will purchase again in the future.


Denice on Dec 22nd 2018

I used it for my pre poo. I used it as a hot oil treatment and I used it to style. I like the smell. It feels cooling and tingling, like its really healing my hair and scalp. I had to dilute it with water. I like it and will continue to use it.