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All of our products are made with 100% pure Essential Oils.

Is it really Genetics?  Not when you have these helpful products around to help jump start your hair growth. 100% Organic Ingredients. These Products are hand made Fresh daily in small batches.  Product is 8 oz.   As promised the wait is over, we have a new offering to rid your hair of desert dryness. Our natural herbal pomade has been kept clean and natural for you! This pomade is great for children and adults! Our herbal pomade is great if you are old school or new school, and look for a pomade that is shiny and healthy for your hair.  It has everything you want and nothing you don't, and will protect your hair from moisture and protein loss.  Minimize knots and keep high porous hair moisturized for longer periods of time.  Now there's a bang for your buck! Adds the ultimate protection to hair during Cold Weather.  Great for teeny afro, ear length, neck length, and shoulder length hair. NOTE: Try our Amazing Clay Wash with your hair pomade.


  • pH Balanced
  • Travel Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • No Parabens
  • No Artificial Perfume
  • No Artificial Colors




Made In America









Ingredient: Soft Paraffin (triple purified), olive seed oil, jojoba seed oil, pure Shea butter, hemp seed oil, herbal extract blend, vitamin e,  essential oil blend.

Product Reviews

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Written by jasmine good on Apr 20th 2021

Wonderful! Keeps our family hair so moisturize and soft, hopefully this beautiful grease will be coming in a bigger size

The best that ever done it!
Written by Shamp on Feb 19th 2021

I can never be without this Pomade Period! My oldest daughter has thin, fine, coarse hair and needs a grease/pomade to protect it. But that other stuff be too greasy and her hair always end up being greasy dry. But this Pomade tho is Everything!!! The ingredients, the consistency, the shine, the moisture, the smell, even the lil hold....Love it it’s a staple thank you!

the hair pomade
Written by HEATHER Elliot-Beckford on Nov 3rd 2020

this along with the conditioner helps to make the hair feel silky and easy to manage. this is money well spent.

Herbal Pomade
Written by Andri Cruz on Oct 8th 2020

I absolutely love using this for my flat twists and sealing my ends with the twisting cream. My hair is so soft and moisturized, I can extend my wash days by a few days if I’m feeling lazy I can really see the difference in my curls on wash day. There are little to no tangles, finger detangling has become my go to, and the curls just look happy and healthy. My fine, high porosity hair just loves it. I couldn’t be happier

Herbal Pomade
Written by Knekya on Aug 4th 2020

This pomade is one of my favorite products for 22nd Century’s line. It is a rich pomade that protects and moisturizes the hair. A little goes a long way and the scent is light and herbal smelling. I love it and have purchased multiple jars.

Hair Pomade Review
Written by L Robertson on Jul 28th 2020

My daughter has I porous hair and it gets dry quickly. It would be moisturized and the next day it would look dehydrated ( like a cactus...lol....no seriously). Now I can go 2 weeks before I add moisture. However I just discovered ( mist with water and add a little hair pomade every other day and the style is bomb again). FYI my daughter hair frizzes she rolls around in the bed, wrestles with her brothers and everything else so if I leave the style in a week or two, it is still moisturized but frizzy and I don't like that.

Herbal pomade
Written by Knekya on Jun 19th 2020

This pomade has become my holy grail product for moisturizing my hair. My hair has fine, high porous strands that takes a lot of product. I have to be heavy handed with products to get it into my hair and aid in its protection. This pomade just works, the ingredients are all natural and makes my hair soft, shiny and moisturized. I will not, can not do without it l! Will forever be a fan of 22nd Century’s hair products! Bravo! Absolutely the best!

Written by Sharonda on Mar 5th 2020

I conditioned my hair with the Mild lavender conditioner (smells and conditions heavenly) then I applied this smooth soothing pomade onto my hair and banded and OMGosh, this is it for me. Never going back to chemical based products. I’ve fallen in love with Moorket’s 22nd Century Natural Products.

5 star quality
Written by Meme on Feb 28th 2020

This is by far the best moisturizing pomade my hair has ever laid hands on, it gives your hair long lasting moisture that adds a beautiful natural shine to it with a pleasant lemonish smell. This product was beautifully crafted, thank you My Royal Sista for thinking of your Royal Sistas!!

Herbal pomade
Written by aalaudzable on Jan 16th 2020

Great product. Keep your hair mostuurize for month. Braided my hair for a month when I unbraded them hair was still very moisturize. Great for detangle after unbrading because hair is very moisturize.

Century Herbal Pomade
Written by Runwaydoll on Dec 4th 2019

Thissss Pomade did wonders for my lil one hair.. He has this hair that has beautiful curls but it sucks up anything I put in his hair.. I shampooed his hair and then when out bath while hair still wet, I put this pomade on it and yooooooo his curled jumped out like crazy. But the next morning his hair was sooo soft & still moisturized

Written by KJ on Nov 26th 2019

This pomade smells great. I love how it made my hair feel luxurious. I could see and feel the immediate difference. It made the curls in my wash and go pop!

Written by Vanessa on Nov 25th 2019

Your Pomade is amazing- thank you, thank you, thank you, used it for the first time 4 days ago before I banded my hair.....a little goes a long way!!!!!! Reminds me of when my mother did my hair weekly as a child. Retains so much moisture! I wash my hair weekly, this is the extra bonus I needed in my routine. I use the shampoo bar, deep conditioner, twisting creme as well.

Perfect for the cold weather
Written by RNM on Nov 20th 2019

Since it's starting to get cold in the UK I decided to try this product and it made my hair mosturised. Highly recommed

Icing on the cake!!!
Written by Dionne Johnson on Sep 7th 2019

This product has helped me tremendously with styling!!!! I already use the shampoo bar, stew and deep conditioner exclusively, and they have transformed my hair into glory HOWEVER, adding this extra pomade to my damp hair before styling has absolutely improved the look, shine and it holds my tiny curls in place. I have adorable, tiny springy curls (thin strands), prone to tangle up at the ends. This thick pomade tames them, holds them down, keeps them separated from bunching up on each other, slicks my hair, shines my hair, locks in the moisture already in the hair, lasts without reapplying.....I could go on but you get the point. I was using plain shea butter to style before and it worked just fine but once I tried this I see this works even better and will not go back to just shea butter. If you like the slick, laid, polished, tamed, smooth, shiny, "water wave" look to your curls I recommend this pomade HANDS DOWN THE ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER FOR STYLING!!!!!!

Love it
Written by TL on Jul 27th 2019

It’s organic and not too heavy. Keeps my hair moisturize forever. The hair soap wash it off and I am ready again. Her deep conditioner then add hair grease makes my hair the bomb. Thank for making this grease for us.