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All of our products are made with 100% pure Essential Oils.  Locs Friendly.


Is it really Genetics?  Not when you have these helpful products around to help jump start your hair growth. These products are hand made Fresh in small batches.  The 22nd Century Men Shampoo Bar is made with natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. This 4oz bar creates ultra low suds that prevents stripping the hair of natural oils. Rich with natural glycerin, it leaves natural hair soft, shiny, clean, and healthy. The natural oil blends allow gentleness for body and shaving needs. This bar is vegan friendly and also packs great for traveling. Helps to decrease shrinkage due to dryness.  These bars are made the old fashioned way.  People have benefited for thousands of years from the old fashioned soap making process.  No soap is created without the old fashioned way. So feel good about what is in this bar and join the countless thousands of women around the world. Scented with a blend of oils including cedar-wood and sandal-wood.  Now men have their own scent and this goes well with the 22nd Century Beard and Hair Oil for men. 

  • Natural
  • Long Lasting
  • Non Stripping















Ingredients:  Saponified Oils, Shea Butter, Raw Honey, Water, Organic Cranberry Juice (a natural antioxidant), Turmeric, and Essential Oils.

Product Reviews

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Men's Shampoo Bar
Written by Sandy & Rachel Waters on Jun 6th 2019

I got these for my husband after he continued to use mine ever time I ordered some. I really like it. He absolutely loves it. It has a really nice smell while he's using it and it lingers on him. He uses it everywhere. This soap bar will literally have you SQUICKY clean. No residue. Just clean.

deep conditioner and shampoo bar
Written by judith G craighead on Mar 31st 2019

Deep conditioner---elongated my 4 c hair--a strong positive (purchased the unscented) shampoo bar---nice cleansing--the manly scent was ok for me My hair had to get used to the products---now my hair is soft I have reordered the conditioner, and will reorder the shampoo bar

Women can use it too
Written by Tosheria Holcombe on Mar 12th 2019

It made my hair nice and soft it made my tight coils show on my short hair it's a good thing I'm growing my hair back out this product is amazing please buy it

Mens shampoo bar
Written by Avery Gaston on Jun 12th 2018

Uesd on my grandson hair. It was great. Cleaned and moisturized his hair.