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All of our products are made with 100% pure Essential Oils.
These Products are hand made Fresh daily in small batches.  Made with 100% Organic Ingredients.  This natural herb infused Body Butter works on lips, hands, and feet and is ideal for dry skin.  This luxurious butter is ideal for all skin types. It moisturizes your skin on a deep level creating shiny crack free skin.  This butter can also be used on hair that loves protein.
Comes in 8 ounces and is off white in color - Plain, Lemon, and Orange Scents.
Contains: shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oi, and Infused herbs to lock in moisture. 




Made In America

















Ingredients:  Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, chamomile Infusion, jojoba oil, essential oil blend.

Product Reviews

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Body butter
Written by Patricia St john on Oct 10th 2020

The body butter is very Moisturizing and I love it!

Body Butter Review
Written by Kay on May 21st 2020

I just purchased the body butter in the lemon scent and so far I love it! It is a light smooth and buttery feel that leaves my skin feeling super soft! The fact that it has natural ingredients is amazing! I will definitely purchase this product again

Written by Rebecca M on Dec 11th 2019

Leaves my skin very soft! Especially in this cold weather in the UK

Written by Johnnie Mae on Jul 24th 2019

My skin has never felt nor look better since I started using 22nd Century Products. 22nd Century Body Butter, I have never used a product that made my skin look and feel better.

22nd Century Natural Products Body Butter
Written by E. Brooks on Mar 12th 2019

I had purchase this body butter along with the body bath but my son is using it and he loves this body butter as well. He says after his body bath and then using this body butter he feels like he has skin like a baby very smooth, moisturized and clean. He loves the scent of these products. He says it is awesome that these products are ALL NATURAL. THANK YOU 22ND CENTURY, USERS FOR LIFE.

Written by Ke ke on Mar 6th 2018

I like this body butter a lot ... it’s really moisturize my skin and don’t leave my skin dry. Oh yeah I love the lemon smell so much . I also put in my hair because I love the way it smell.

This is the one!
Written by Husna Desire Kaliisa on Jan 5th 2018

This body butter is a favorite in our house. My sister and I slather it on as it keeps our skin soft, moisturized but not in an oily way even in the extreme cold of -26* here in Ottawa Canada. This body butter leaves our skin so moisturized and equipped to face the dryness of the air and the scents!!!.....wow...citrus is so fresh and everyone always has something to say about it. We love it!

Very Good
Written by Linda Ersery on Dec 11th 2017

I have tried the lemon scented body butter and am very pleased. It smells so wonderful. The body butter is good as well and makes my skin so moisturized.

Body butter
Written by NS on Dec 2nd 2017

I use this after I shower and I love it. Makes my skin and feet feel so amazingly soft. A little goes a long way. Will buy again.

Body Butter-Citrus
Written by LeKisha on Oct 2nd 2017

Very light and whipped! A little goes far and the scent is amazing!