Try the 22nd Century Shampoo Bar that is talked about on YouTube. Made with natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. This 4oz bar creates ultra low suds that prevents stripping the hair of natural oils. Rich with natural glycerin, it leaves natural hair soft, shiny, clean, and healthy. The natural oil blends allow gentleness for body and shaving needs. This bar is vegan friendly and also packs great for traveling. Helps to decrease shrinkage due to dryness.


The 22nd Century Tea Tree Shampoo Bar was created to help with scalp irritations and issues of heavy dandruff. Made with natural ingredients and infused with tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils. This bar creates ultra low suds that prevents stripping the hair of natural oils and can help your scalp feel better to give your hair a good chance to grow.
  • Natural
  • Long Lasting
  • Non Stripping

Saponified Oils, Shea Butter, Raw Honey, Water, Organic Cranberry Juice (a natural antioxidant), Turmeric, and infused with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Essential Oils.


**IMPORTANT NOTE**  The Rose, Jasmine, and Tea Tree are specialty bars and will be a bit more expensive than the Lavender, Peppermint, Citrus, and No Scent Bars.

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22nd Century Natral Products Shampoo Bar

Rhonda Teague on Jan 18th 2019

As a recurring purchaser of the Shampoo Bars, I purchase 5-7 bars at a time. I'm trying the Peppermint shampoo bars this time.

Hair is Making A Huge Turnaround

denise haynes on Dec 29th 2018

This was my third purchase all the way from London, England. I ordered the rose and Tea Tree Shampoo Bar. So far I tried and love the Tea Tree one. I have what they call type 4 hair. I washed my hair three times as I have low Porosity and i get build up easily as I only wash hair once a month whilst wearing protective styles. I didn't use any conditioner afterwards I just used a Natural styling creme for twists and sealed my hair with oils. My hair has stopped shedding and breaking off, I see an increase in strength and volume of my hair. The shampoo bar and clay treatments has been pivotal in my hairs health thanks to 22nd Century Woman. These two products maintain the health of my hair. I only use rosewater and Aloe vera spray in my hair to boost moisture in between wash days. I don't need commercial shampoos or conditioners anymore and i always thought that i needed them. I now know that less is more. My hair is simply styled only on my wash days using with My rosewater and aloe spray, a natural styling cream and an oil, my hair is always covered with a satin scarf. My sister is so impressed with 22nd Woman's Hair and she sees the improvements in my hair that I just placed a large order for her she is very excited to try these products. These products have saved my money and hair thank you 22nd Century Woman wishing you and your family another blessed and prosperous coming new year.

Tea tree shampoo bar

M. Clayton on Dec 29th 2018

This bar was very nice and had an awesome smell. I have never used a product that worked so well before this one! My hair was squeaky clean yet it still felt moisturized. I thought the price was very reasonable too.

shampoo bar

Denice on Dec 22nd 2018

I like this bar a lot. I really like the sudsy feel of it, I did three washes with it, though one was enough. I was unexpectedly surprised it how much I liked the results. I will continue to use it.

Not bad

GMK on Dec 20th 2018

Cleans scalp well when used as directed. Does not strip per se but my hair clumped up into knots. Now I use a non-toxic cowash on my strands after/while using the bar. I use the bar only on my scalp and works well.

Nice package

Lawrencia on Dec 19th 2018

I really love the service so fast and the shipping faster,the new package is so attractive thank again from Italy

Shampoo bar

SZ on Dec 15th 2018

I have used the shampoo bar for 3 years. I love that may hair never feels stripped yet feels clean and moisturized.

22nd Century Shampoo Bar

Jailynne on Dec 13th 2018

I bought the peppermint scent.