Try the 22nd Century Shampoo Bar that is talked about on YouTube. Made with natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. This 4oz bar creates ultra low suds that prevents stripping the hair of natural oils. Rich with natural glycerin, it leaves natural hair soft, shiny, clean, and healthy. The natural oil blends allow gentleness for body and shaving needs. This bar is vegan friendly and also packs great for traveling. Helps to decrease shrinkage due to dryness.


The 22nd Century Tea Tree Shampoo Bar was created to help with scalp irritations and issues of heavy dandruff. Made with natural ingredients and infused with tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils. This bar creates ultra low suds that prevents stripping the hair of natural oils and can help your scalp feel better to give your hair a good chance to grow.
  • Natural
  • Long Lasting
  • Non Stripping

Saponified Oils, Shea Butter, Raw Honey, Water, Organic Cranberry Juice (a natural antioxidant), Turmeric, and infused with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Essential Oils.


**IMPORTANT NOTE**  The Rose, Jasmine, and Tea Tree are specialty bars and will be a bit more expensive than the Lavender, Peppermint, Citrus, and No Scent Bars.

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Lavender Shampoo Bar

Dwyanna Muhammad on Nov 13th 2018

I love 22nd Century shampoo bar, it lathers up creamy and rich and my curls are much more defined and my hair feels thicker and literally tangle free. I find the bar easy to use and store. I'm so glad I came across 22nd Century's YouTube channel and learned of her products and her educational series on how to care for and grow our natural hair. Our sister has put so much love into her products and the price is worth it, as the bar can last for months.

Amazing Shampoo Bar

Renee Bell on Nov 12th 2018

I never usually write reviews, but after using this shampoo bar my hair's life has changed. After my first use, my hair's transformation began. Curls that I never knew I had began popping, extreme softness, manageability, and now detangling is a breeze. I now look forward to wash days. I've been introduced to my real 4b/4c hair. Hello gorgeous!! :) I also use 22nd Century deep conditioner and I am currently waiting on the arrival of the rose facial bar, herbal hair oil and twisting cream. My cabinets have been cleared. These products are staples for LIFE!! Thank you 22ND Century for these products. I HIGHLY recommend you give it a try... you won't be disappointed.

Shampoo bar

Darlene on Nov 11th 2018

Thank you for making quality products. Your shampoo bar makes my curly hair easy to manage and soft. I love it. Thanks for caring about us curlies.

Love the Shampoo Bar

Daria Pio on Nov 7th 2018

I am so glad that I finally made this purchase. After watching 22nd Century Woman's videos on how to properly use the shampoo bar, I used it on my hair on after detoxing my hair with a clay mask. I highly recommend watching her videos prior to using her products. My coils were cleansed and moisturized at the same time. I will be using this on my children's hair as well. Thank you!

Shampoo bar

Mycerdia on Nov 3rd 2018

I love the shampoo bars both peppermint and tea tree. They cleanse and detangle w/out drying my hair.

Doesn't disappoint

Taneille on Oct 27th 2018

I have been using this product for almost 2 months every week and it has been nothing but moisturizing. I give detangle with no problem after I rinse it out and my hair feels clean and moisturized. It is not stripping at all

Shampoo bar

Patricia Cox on Oct 27th 2018

This is the only shampoo I use in my hair. It cleans my scalp without stripping my hair. Thank you for sharing your product with us.

Shampoo Bar Lender Scent

Martha Johnson on Oct 22nd 2018

I absolutely love love love this shampoo bar! I have never used any type of shampoo on my hair that left it so moisturized, fluffy, and bouncy, and my natural wavy curl pattern has returned and I only have used it once. I had dyed my hair twice this year which left it so dry and brittle that I would have a very hard time just parting it even when I sprayed it with water, but I could not find any products that worked until I discovered 22nd Century Woman videos on Youtube talking about her soap bar. Everything she said made sense to me. I knew instincly that this is what my hair was missing. My hair has not felt this light in years and the length has been stretch. Usually, when I wash my hair, it curls up so tight that the only thing I can do is put it in an afro, but after using this bar, my hair laid down and was blowing in the wind when I was outside. I was so shocked, and I did not even put any hair conditioner on it, I put nothing on it. My scalp felt so wonderful. I Have not felt my hair and scalp this nourished and "free" since the 70's and the early 2000's before I started using a lot of products in my hair. As a side note, I find that this soap gets rid of all the built-up gunk and bad chemicals on your scalp and hair so your scalp can literally breathe again, that in turn gives your connective tissue (fascia tissue) permission to relax and stretch the elasticity of your scalp back to normalcy so good oxygen can get between your skull and scalp to help your hair grow again. I find your soap so therapeutic and relaxing, Thanks, 22nd Century Woman for sharing your wonderful products with us