By Popular Demand

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen!

By popular demand, I am starting the blog back up and will be posting some of my old writings.  I stopped blogging because business picked up and time became short and hard to control.  I did not think people were interested in my blogs, but now I am back, darlings!  Business has taken a life of its own and I am grateful women and men are enjoying their products.  Customers are constantly letting me know that their hair has become more manageable and "The Curls Are Popping".  Growing your hair is just a matter of using something that makes your hair feel good.  Our products are like food for the hair as well as the soul.  For all my loyal customers, no worries my time is freeing up so I can bring back personal consultations. That has also become heavily requested, so I will try to make that happen for you!  Thanks for reading and shopping with us! 

Peace and Love!