Love Thy Self

Greetings World,

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and a beautiful day.  There has been a lot of talk on the internet about natural hair women not being as attractive as women with straight hair.  I am here to tell you do not believe the hype!  A woman should be confident in themselves no matter what others have to say.  This is a lesson we as parents try to teach our children, and it remains true into adulthood.  It seems the world is conditioned on making some people feel like outsiders or not part of the main clique.  That's why it is important to feel confident in your curly hair. If certain cliques don't want to deal with you because your hair is not permed straight move on to keep your dignity.  Maybe they prefer you have a straight hair wig stash, whatever the issue you need to run for the hills.  If your natural hair makes others feel uncomfortable because it is not like theirs then what they are implying is that your natural self is not good enough.  The misconception is that you have to alter your true self to fit in, and as long as you not confident they win.  Once people find out you will  bend your own morality code for them, they may try to possibly get you to bend over backwards for them.  If so called, Black men, don't like natural hair although their mother most likely was born with the same hair.  You need to keep walking, and walk without changing your natural hair.  Make the world adjust to you.  Lately the world has been leaning towards inclusion and acceptance.  Why feel that you are not worthy of acceptance?  If men truly like their women, they will happily accept a woman in her natural self.  Not matter what that maybe, its just lately women with naturally curly hair have been under fire.  Do not level down for someone that may present self destructive ways, learn to be your original self.  Trying to be a copy of someone else is hard work.  Who wants to look like a copy of a woman from another ethnicity?  The original woman of that ethnicity has the true beauty, and each are unique in their true natural selves.  Changing your natural look is different than changing clothes or costumes to match an event.  On the world stage confidence in self is the true understanding of the Creator Of All.  This understanding helps one to realize their place as a child of God, but shame makes you ugly and less desirable to the world.  Your natural hair should never be second fiddle to anyone.  Be proud of the original you and change reality.  Your big curly hair, your big thighs, lips, butts, and everything else that came natural to you should be loved and adored by you first.  Tell these babies and children they are beautiful from the womb. Skin and hair should be emphasized, because society constantly attacks their self esteem.  It is up to us to define our beauty for ourselves and future generations!

Check out my channel on YouTube, 22nd Century Natural Woman.  Until next time Peace and Love!