Coming up with new products is a challenge, and research is a very important step in the creative process.  My goals in creating products are (1) the products are natural, (2) the products are reliable, (3) the products work and are effective, and (4) the products are affordable and cost effective.  My deep Conditioner has been a staple in my regimen and has helped a lot of women around the world.  When I began hearing from customers that my conditioner was bubbling during shipment, I immediately went back to the drawing board.  I had to figure out how to preserve the conditioner so that it would make it to the customer undamaged without adding a harmful chemical preservative.  Every time a customer told us the conditioner was damaged, I became determined to find a solution to this problem.  I know customers were frustrated and let down after awaiting to receive my products.  Well, I finally found a solution to make the conditioner last longer outside of the fridge.  This new formulation is better than the last and will make it to my local customer as well as my international customers.  To all my people out in the world wide, I am writing this to let you know to have no fear.  My conditioner has been improved and contain most of the same ingredients.  Your hair will still receive the same benefits from the conditioner to help on your natural hair journey.