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22nd Century Conditioner - Mango

This moisturizing conditioner is a Vegans dream come true.  You can also benefit if your are allergic to Shea Butter.  It has the same benefits as the other conditioners, but nothing you...
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22nd Century Hair Stew

$20.95 - $25.95
Do you suffer from thinning hair or strands of hair that are falling out? If so, the 22nd Century Hair Stew is the answer to your problems. This amazing hair stew will strengthen your hair while...
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22nd Century Herbal Pomade

As promised the wait is over, we have a new offering to rid your hair of desert dryness. Our natural herbal pomade has been kept clean and natural for you! This pomade is great for children and...
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22nd Century Intense Protein Conditioner

This Intensive Hydrolyzed Keratin Treatment Conditioner was long over due!  Who should use this conditioner?  If you do anything damaging to your hair or have hair problems such as...
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22nd Century Liquid Lovely Shampoo

That's right! Your eyes are not playing tricks, we now offer this chemical free shampoo.  It has everything you want and nothing you don't.  If you desire liquid forms of hair cleaners we...
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22nd Century Ruby Gel

$15.95 - $33.95
The vegan friendly 22nd Century Ruby Gel is a flake free, strong hold gel aimed at holding any hairstyle in place leaving you with a clean invisible hold while keeping your hair soft. Water, Natural...
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Clay Wash

Listen up Vegans and Friends who for some reason prefer an alternative to shampoo bars.  Well look no further.  This earthly wash is just that earthly.  This wonderfully smelling wash...
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Mango Bar

Feel good Vegan and Shea Butter Allergic People!  This was created especially with you in mind.  Of course anyone can use it, but we just had to say that.  This shampoo bar moisturizes...
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Sample Kit

Here is our sample kit for you to try out our products.  You can make the bundle as big or as small as you like.  You can select a small square of our shampoo bar, 2 oz of conditioner, 2 oz...
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