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Listen up Vegans and Friends who for some reason prefer an alternative to shampoo bars.  Well look no further.  This earthly wash is just that earthly.  This wonderfully smelling wash will leave your hair clean and clumped with lovely curls or waves.  It goes on so smooth you will not believe how well it cleans the hair.  Well we can honestly say we are giving back to mother earth that which belongs to her . . . clay. This is great for the whole family Vegan or not.  Shampoo bar washers can use it too between washes  for that extra clean or maybe you want to switch hairstyles and it's not wash day yet.  Quickly hop in shower apply and there you go...fresh clean hair that's ready for a new start.  A quick conditioning will give you lovable clumped curls that are ready for styling.  So what are you waiting for you can't go wrong with this in your regimen especially during hot days when you want that earthly clean without the suds.  This is a great part of every woman's road to a healthy hair journey.  Allow your scalp to feel the clean.  Great for women with little to no sebum.  Please note:  If this is your first time using this type of wash or natural product,  you may notice and unusual increase in sebum.  If you need to clarify, try 22nd Century shampoo bar to clarify your scalp and leave your hair moisturized.  You can then return to your normal use of the clay wash.  Come in 29.8 oz  *NOTE: PRODUCT IS BASED ON WEIGHT NOT VOLUME, COMES IN OVERSIZED BOTTLE*

 **Note - This is a wash and not a conditioner.  It should not be traded instead of a conditioner and meant for your washing process.**

Ingredients: Water, Clay, Vegetable oil, Vinegar, Essential Oil Blend.

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Clay Wash
Written by Amira on Apr 19th 2019

I used it last night after the gym. The bottle is pretty big but it's not filled to the top which makes you feel like you don't have enough. The smell was okay. It left my hair cleaned but not stripped. I also saw definition. I think this is replace a co-wash but I wish it had slip. I couldn't detangle with it. My purpose for this product would be to use it on gym days and replace my mid week co-wash but since it doesn't have slip IDK if this should be the movement.