IMPORTANT NOTE: Refrigerate this natural conditioner especially if living in a hot climate with temperatures 80 degrees and above.  Upon receipt if the conditioner bottle is hard to squeeze, then air is trapped and has been heated in the bottle.  Please freeze for one hour before opening to prevent bubbling over.  When ready to use, put desired amount into bowl and use at room temperature. If you would like to store this conditioner over longer periods it is best to make portions and store the conditioner in the freezer. The conditioner expires like food so eventually it will go bad if not frozen over longer periods. Boil some water and place conditioner in the water to thaw. Once it is warmed, pour into a bowl and stir until creamy. Beware not to boil conditioner, place in water after water is boiled and fire is turned off.  It's best to store conditioner in a Tupperware bowl.

If the desire is to completely rinse it off, rinse with very warm water or twice. If hardness is experienced after usage and no protein was added, simply rinse hair with very warm water for softness. If a less oily hair is desired, simply wash hair with 22nd Century Shampoo Bar after deep conditioning treatment. This will allow your hair to be moisturized inside and soft and touchable outside (recommended for long hair if wearing it down). The instructions below are simply guidelines feel free to experiment and see what works for you. 
To deep condition; on damp hair, apply to sections from root to tip until all hair is completely covered, use a plastic cap to cover hair and leave in overnight.

For all day conditioning, apply to damp hair (not dripping wet), followed by a plastic cap, scarf (thick cotton headbands around the edge of the scarf helps catch conditioner drippings during the day) and proceed with a beautiful head wrap. Rinse out at the end of the day. 
For 30 minute conditioning, apply followed by a plastic cap and heating cap on low for thirty minutes. After rinsing, gently squeeze water from each section of hair or pat (not rub) gently with a towel or T shirt and style or set with a braid out or twist out. 
For very dry hair deep conditioning is recommended. 
For quick conditioning, apply after cleansing hair and rinse. 
For leave in conditioning and setting apply a pea size before twisting or braiding. It helps set twists or braids and moisturize them at the same time.

After Detoxing with Bentonite Clay, do not wash hair with a washing agent, simply apply this conditioner and leave over night to restore hair moisture levels. 

This moisturizing conditioner should not be used for long periods of time without balancing with a protein conditioner.  Especially if using any type of heat, unnatural coloring, or you have fine thin strands of hair.  The protein conditioner should not be used for long periods of time because too much protein will cause an overload if the hair is not balanced.  The regular conditioner without protein can balance the hair.

Enjoy your new soft moisturized hair!

Thank you!