Please note: Important- Only use plastic or wooden tools to mix and store this clay. If metals are used this natural clay can lose some of its charge. Etc. (Plastic spoons & bowls).

Put desired clay amount into bowl based on hair thickness and length. Add 1 tablespoon of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar Only). Add 1 teaspoon of your favorite oil. Add water slowly and stir mixture well. Do not add water until mixture is soupy. If this happens add more clay. Your mixture should look like pancake batter which is a slightly lumpy. Cover and let sit for 5-8 hours or overnight. This allows for mixture to set well for the ultimate detox.

Section hair in 4-9 sections depending on thickness of hair. Apply only to dry dirty hair (Hair that needs washing.) Wet hair strands are already swollen with water.

Start by applying to hair roots with fingers. Do not worry about messy fingers it will rinse off.

Start applying from hair roots to the ends of hair. Go back and apply to whole scalp. Leave no strand uncovered. After done applying go back and lightly message the clay mixture into scalp and hair. If hair is med- long length pin up. Wait for 30 min. ONLY. DO NOT let hair completely dry or it will be hard to rinse out. Rinse WELL until water runs clear. Do not leave this clay mixture in hair. Rub scalp and hair constantly. Your hair should feel very clean.

Do Not use your shampoo bar after detoxing. Apply conditioner to damp hair not soaking wet. Put on plastic cap and protect edges from drippings. A towel around the shoulders is highly recommended. For thick med-long hair leave on over night and rinse well in morning. For thin hair leave on for 1-3 hours. Wrap cap with hot towel or use low heating cap.

If too much conditioner is left on hair than desire pat sections and squeeze with paper towel.

On your next wash day (dirty hair according to your knowledge), Start using your shampoo bar. Pay attention to your hair and see if it wants conditioner or not. If you do not need a conditioner on this day please seal your water in with butters or oils. Or maybe a little of both. Enjoy your true hair texture and its beauty!