Relax your mind and body with these fizzle bath scents. Place them in your water and watch and smell as the scent fills your bathroom. We have a few different scents for you to try, and the following descriptions are in order and correspond with the pics.

1. Crazy Love - Sugary sweet up front with subtle hints of berries and light perfume.
2. Gold and Glitter - Great citrus fruit blend. Sweet with hints of floral.
3. Kiss Me - Jasmine & lily top notes complimented by hints of apple and lime.
4. Lavender Mint - Lavender flowers with peppermint. Great for relaxation.
5. Plumeria - Jasmine, lily, rose, and lilac with fruity undertones. Universally loved!
6. Wild Passion - Very popular fruity perfume. Comparable to Victoria Secret's Love Spell.

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil, Fragrance Oil, Shea Butter, Colorant

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Bath bomb

Kleintje on Dec 23rd 2017

This is a great product. Smells very good and feeling relaxed and refreshed after use