Wash scalp with the shampoo bar. Section hair into several sections. Gently apply stew to clean scalp. Rub the scalp gently until satisfied. If your hair is already strong you can opt to leave on roots and scalp only. If the hair is weak and damaged, apply from scalp to ends. Once applied gently massage scalp area with hair stew. Smooth hair roots with fingers and put hair up. Plastic wrap is recommended to keep hair moist and away from clothes. It also keeps heat on the scalp. Wrap hair until it is completely covered. Keep stew in for a minimum of 35 minutes and a maximum of 5 hours. Wrap hair with favorite head wrap or scarf while the scalp is marinating. :) Rinse hair until water runs clear. Run fingers through scalp area to remove leftover hair stew. Pull water down hair to clear end hairs of hair stew. Deep condition hair with 22nd Century Deep Conditioner to re-moisturize the hair. Leave in for a minimum of 35 minutes to overnight. Rinse well. Enjoy your renewed scalp.