Apply to scalp and rub in generously.  Allow to stay in 30min to hour.  For heavy hair fall, apply to scalp and hair and let dry.  Once dried, wet hair until hair stew softens.  It can be left in hair over night.  Please note:  The longer it is left in the hair the better it works.  Began to rub the scalp gently until water runs clear.  Condition and style as usual.  Scalp should not be soiled and pores clogged when using this stew.  If that is the case, wash hair with 22nd Century Shampoo bar to open scalp pores. This stew can be used alone or included with your weekly regimen.

Please note:  If you have silvery grey hair it may stain it a golden yellow, especially if you have high porous hair.  This stew can be applied to wet or dry hair.