How to Use Henna Mix


-Step 1: Use Henna Mix upon arrival or freeze until ready. Do not freeze powder.  Keep powder in refrigerator until needed.  Section hair off and start from back.  Prepare yourself and workspace.  Use gloves to keep from staining nails and fingers.  Put newspaper etc on sink area and floor.  Old towels can be of benefit too.  If light skinned, protect faceline from henna stain by applying a thick butter or vaseline to entire hair line.  Put desired amount of henna mix into bowl use the small brush to mix well.  If it is not the consistency of yogurt add a tablespoon or two of hot water and mix well.


-Step 2: Apply Henna Mix to the scalp and work down the hair to the ends.  After it is applied rub the Henna Mix into the hair generously with gentle strokes. When done put hair into bantu knot or clip it out of the way.  Work each section this way until done.  Don’t miss hairs in the hairline.  When done, wrap hair with plastic wrap.  The plastic wrap prevents leakage and keeps the scalp warm. Go around the head until the hair is completely covered and secure.  Put on a bonnet or night scarf etc.  Feel free to wrap a hot towel over the plastic wrap to help the Henna Mix work into the hair.  Let your hair stay in plastic for at least 3-4 hours.  Deeper colors and shades go 8 hours to overnight. Once desired time is completed rinse hair until water runs clear.  Note -This does not mean all henna is out of the hair.  I recommend using my shampoo bar to apply to scalp and push suds down the hair to completely wash any remaining henna from the hair.  This will not effect color.


-Step 3: If you did not order level three then move on to step 4.  Mix Indigo with Hot water until it is yogurt consistency. Rinse out, Drain water from hair, then apply Indigo to towel dried hair only after you have completely washed your hair after the henna process.  Apply to hair, let it sit for at least 3 hours.  Can be left in overnight for a more intense color.  Now wash your hair with 22nd Century Shampoo Bar and rinse thoroughly.  


-Step 4: Condition, condition, condition… Deep condition your precious hair.  Saturate your hair with conditioner let sit for desired time and rinse well.


Wow, this is a long process right?  That's right the road to glorious hair is long!!!  Keep going…I am cheerleading you on! :)  YOU ARE DONE!! YES!  Your color will oxide over 2 days and noticeable.  Repeat monthly or bimonthly to maintain color. Too many back to back applications can loosen curl pattern, only apply to roots when needed.


Caution to protein sensitives - Too many back to back henna applications may give you a protein overload. Space out your treatments, or only apply to roots.