Shake well before each use.

Prepoo and Postpoo Scalp Treatment: Put 1-2 tablespoons in a small bowl. Dip finger tips into bowl and lift section of hair upward until hair is stretching from root. Work fingers through hair and gently rub oil on entire scalp. Style or set hair in braid or twist out. If you have heavy dandruff and flakes apply oil from bottle and completely cover scalp, then twist hair and pin up. Leave on scalp for 35-45mins. Apply lightly between washes. Wash out using 22nd Century Shampoo Bar. If you want to completely wash the oil from scalp wash and rinse each section of hair twice and still enjoy the benefits of the herbal oil. The scalp improves with continuous use. If you have heavy dandruff, and your scalp is not sensitive to oil, apply lightly between washes.

Hot Oil Treatment: Depending on hair thickness and length put oil in bowl or cup (glass or medal). Sit glass or metal cup or bowl in hot water. Put hair into sections. Apply with finger tips or use an applicator bottle from scalp to hair end. Use a plastic shower cap then wrap head in hot towel. Leave for 35-40min. Rinse well or wash out depending on your hair preference.

Important: If an allergic reaction occurs immediately discontinue use. Test inside wrist area with two drops to ensure there is no allergic reaction to herbs and oils. This oil is made by hand with natural ingredients and has a cloudy appearance. This is purposely done to insure herbal benefits and beautifying properties. Due to herbal properties this oil may have a tingling sensation on the scalp to help with circulation. Please Note: Wait one week after relaxing or chemical hair coloring before applying herbal oil to scalp. Wash and disinfect hair scarves, night bonnets, and hair tools prior washing hair.

Shelf Life: 9-12 months. Keep in a cool dry place.