Intense Protein Conditioner Treatment


This conditioner is a strong protein treatment which means it should not be used back to back.  Refrigerate or freeze any leftovers. Clarify hair.  Apply conditioner warm if you are low porous or use lowest temp in heating bonnet.  Cover all strands evenly.  Cover hair with plastic cap to keep heat in.  Leave conditioner in for at least 45 minutes.  Rinse not over rinse...just until the bulk of it is gone.  If your hair becomes hard after this treatment, use 22nd Century Moisturizing  Deep Conditioner.  Hair should soften.  Do not wash hair for at least 2 days.  Do not use it again until your hair needs protein.  For example, your curly hair is limp,  hair begins to fall or break easily, dull, dry, or does not hold moisture well.  Please note:  Dry breaking hair is a result of protein overload.  Stop using this intense protein conditioner until your hair needs another pick me up.