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All of our products are made with 100% pure Essential Oils.

*Proved & Tested to help significantly grow your hair.



Is it really Genetics?  Not when you have these helpful products around to help jump start your hair growth. These Products are hand made Fresh daily in small batches.  Product is 4 oz.  Made with 100% Organic Ingredients.  Great for children too.  Feel good Vegan and Shea Butter Allergic People!  This was created especially with you in mind.  Of course anyone can use it, but we just had to say that.  This shampoo bar moisturizes the hair so much that you may or may not need a conditioner.  Yes, it is just that good.  This bar will thoroughly clean your scalp without drying out your hair.  These bars are made the old fashioned way.  People have benefited for thousands of years from the old fashioned soap making process.  No soap is created without the old fashioned way. So feel good about what is in this bar and join the countless thousands of women around the world.  It is good to use a protein conditioner once a month or based on how much protein your hair can accept for balance.  These shampoo bars are vegan friendly and also packs great for traveling.  Great for colored or chemically treated hair followed by our Intense Protein Conditioner.  If you absolutely need protein to wash your hair, opt for our Hydrolyzed Protein Shampoo and/or Intense Hydrolyzed Protein Conditioner.  This shampoo bar is not scented, but is made with mango butter.

 FYI:  It is not recommended to wait long periods of time to wash your hair with these "moisturizing" shampoo bars.  If you should wait two or more weeks to wash your hair, an intense wash with this shampoo bar is recommended.  See instructions here for how to wash heavy dirty hair.



  • pH Balanced
  • Travel Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No Parabens
  • No Artificial Perfumes
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Protein




Made In America







Ingredients:  Saponified Oils, Mango Butter, Water, Organic Cranberry Juice (a natural antioxidant), and Turmeric.





*This is based on correct usage of product, amount of time used, and health condition of Individual.

Product Reviews

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A Natural Clean
Written by Llenaj on Aug 25th 2019

So glad you made a shampoo bar for those of us who are allergic to shea. My hair loves the bar! Depending on the number of times I lather I can moisturize or clarify my strands to obtain the clean I need. I appreciate the fact that the shampoo bar is chemical free and made with ingredients beneficial to my hair. Thanks for making wonderful product!

Great Bar shampoo
Written by Naiwokai on Aug 6th 2019

I tried the sample size first and my BF and I like it a lot! thank you!

Great product
Written by Ke ke on May 21st 2019

I like how the soap feels in my hair .. I like the mango scent .

Mango Bar
Written by E Bellanfonte on May 15th 2019

Popping curls, I really like this bar, saw my curls bounce, the bar is lightly scented, soaps up quite well. Highly recommended

Mango Shampoo Bar
Written by Brenda on Apr 25th 2019

My scalp love it no more itchy scalp I think it was the shea butter in her original formula and it do leave your hair very moisturize thank you Mrs 22nd for the mango products keep them coming.

22nd Century Mango Shampoo Bar
Written by J. Williams on Apr 22nd 2019

I am really enjoying this shampoo bar. Its very lite and moisterizing. My hair responds and loves this shampoo bar. I like this one alot. Leaves my hair very soft and silky. Don't really need the deep conditioner after. I have to order more soon. Its a winner.

Mango shampoo bar
Written by Amira LeGrand on Apr 20th 2019

This bar isn't too different from my normal order (citrus) but one thing I do notice is that I couldn't smell Mango at all honestly. I was hoping it to be as strong as the citrus. It got the job done though. I'll stick with my citrus going forward.