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Dudu Osun Black Soap

Black soap is great to soften and cleanse the skin. Made from natural ingredients and herbs, this African black soap will have you feeling refreshed and silky smooth. Restores damaged skin and is...
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Fizzle Bath Scents

Relax your mind and body with these fizzle bath scents. Place them in your water and watch and smell as the scent fills your bathroom. We have a few different scents for you to try, and the following...
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Indigo Powder

Extra Indigo that can be used to color your hair, must be used in conjunction with Henna.  So if you have extra Henna left over and need indigo then this package is for you.
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Large Hair Bands

As requested by popular demand, we are bringing the large hair bands back online.  Each bundle contains 10 bands.
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Light It With Love Candles

Light It With Love Gourmet Candles, smell divine.  These candles will fill your air with their wonderful aroma and make any room smell delightful.  The candles are made with all natural...
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Shea Butter

8 oz Shea Butter, Made from natural ingredients from the Karite Nut Trees that grow in the Savannah regions of West and Central Africa. So many women are employed in the production of Shea butter...
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